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Date de naissance : Tue 15 May 1979 (45 ans)
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Sexe: Féminin
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Emplacement: Paris
Biographie: I realized I'm a natural explorer, I love getting scratches going up or deep down. I come from the mountains in Argentina where having the proper gear is not so easy and 'speolology clubs' are not the first need ... but I alway managed to go explorer my self or finding curious people enjoying new uncommon and non turistic places, caves and the unforseen, so count me in wherever you go, always respecting the nature and the soul of the place (leave it as you found it, and if possible take the garbage even when is not yours!). I'm an architect and musician ( or at least these are my diplomas saying for people always asking such things) and maybe that's why I'm always thinking in 3D- three dimensions- and I love to understand layers, colors and sounds in space and the facts, the history that makes the soul of a place. I can't help it, if i see a hole, wall or window I need to go beyond in order to please my imagination and curiosity, even if some (most of) times it's forbidden, scary or a little bit dangerous...Every time it's like beat my own demons and it feels AWESOME!!!