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I will be in Paris from Aug.30-Sept.5th, and I am trying to make contact with someone who may guide me through some of the catacombs, under Paris.......the extended tunnels and quarries, and anything else, if possible. Get paid as a guide, or Lunch and dinner on me. Part of the trip to Paris is to see not only the city but whats below. I have high regard for all things historical and architectural. As the saying goes, I take only photos and leave only footprints. I am very interested in hearing your stories, as well as passing on a few of my own regarding urban exporation, work,etc. I'm a merchant marine who's had the good fortune of a lot of traveling.

Also, should anyone ever visit Chicago, I'd be happy to show them around...and some very interesting places. Bridges, tunnels, Al Capone stuff, etc. A response would greatly be appreciated. Thanks..Jake.
Al Jacobson a écrit :A response would greatly be appreciated. Thanks..Jake.


There's not much I can do to help you, I'm afraid, as I'm a total clueless newbie when it comes to UrbEx, but I wanted to tell you that this is a long weekend in France due to yesterday's bank holiday, and that would explain the lack of response to your message. If you're around for long enough, be patient - there are lots of helpful people posting here.

Good luck, and enjoy Paris.