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We just returned from a 4 day trip to the GRS and wanted to say thank you to all the cataphiles we met for being so friendly to us English visitors.

We had a great time and saw so much of the network.

Photos and a diary of our trip can be found here:

J'adore les Catacombes!

A la prochaine!
Gosh, it's nice to read your diary. After a while, we tend to take the place for granted and forget how exceptional it is. Thanks for reminding us of what it means to live the adventure of the first experience there. I'm also impressed by all the homework and research you did. Quite change, compared to all the spoiled kids who'd just go online and ask for a guided tour at the time of their convenience.
Yeah amazing trip and diary! Sad that you met the police but unfortunately it happen sometimes ^^
Hope to see you another time guys Smile
Thanks guys !


ps : la misère ! elle fait une drôle de tronche la Source !
nice trek! And congratulations for the "tight fucking crawl through hell" with 4-days expedition backpacks.