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Hey All...

I have just recently become a member of the forum as we come to paris every year and while we're here we would like to see "non" public parts of paris (catacombs, metro tunnel network and roof tops) so i figure this is the perfect place to research and chat to locals.

I am a member of a few forums in the UK like this the main one being: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> most of the missions there are above ground but it is becoming more and more noticed that theres more to see underground.

If there is anyone looking for more information regarding UK urbex locations then feel free to contact me and i'll see what information i can gather before you get to the UK.

I also do canvas prints/large format prints for Talkurbex (photos, maps, ect.) so if i can be of service please PM me.

Cheers static charge.

PS...I am stupid english and dont speak much french so please be patient as I will try my best to learn. Icon_lol

welcome Smile you won't find so much information in English here, and even the one in French are not very accurate. But, by sending private message to some members you can learn few things.